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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash at first glance looks exactly like many Fantasy anime out there but in actuality is something unique in the genre that is extremely convoluted with really generalized characters. With a very heavy emphasis on the actual weight to the fights, the emotions that each characters feel go into increased dept that most anime simply do not do.

This video explains just how well the anime does it’s fight scenes. Each fight in the anime really do bring a lot more to them rather than just simply oh we killed this monster and here is it’s loot. The anime has almost completely no plot compared to others in it’s series but a gigantic emphasis on each and every little event making the characters seem more human. The weight that each scene carries is almost worldly, like you are holding their world on your shoulders as the viewer.

The characters are refreshing in the fact that the group all has dept, while we still focus on the main character mostly throughout the anime, each and every person within their group has a complex emotion associated with each event that is sometimes similar but often completely different to others in their group. These layers of emotions really give the feel that the characters are almost real with the uniqueness that is almost unmatched within the anime community. With my last post on Guilty Crown I mentioned the plot development between Shu and Inori and how it actually takes time to develop the relationship between the two before they become a thing. Well Grimgar develops the relations with each character as almost the entire point of the anime.

Very early on the group incurs an event that is often looked back at even to the last episode and the weight that that event gives a very heavy feel to the generally brightly colored and fluidly animated anime. As mentioned in the video above, the only real dark colors that exists is that of the blood of the monsters that the characters kill, sort of truly revealing that they have killed something that was given a sense of humanity. They have murdered a sentient being and just that is felt when watching the fight and action within the anime. I generally enjoy everything I watch, but this anime really stood out as a deeply impacting anime from the rest within this genre and has my stamp of approval as one that by the end kind of hits you even though it really does not have a very defined ending.

You can find this anime here on KissAnime.

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Guilty Crown

I ended up watching Guilty Crown after watching Your lie in April and Angel Beats!. I literally just wanted to watch really good sad Anime that was visually appealing to watch and that was exactly what I got. Set in a pretty futuristic dystopian world, Guilty Crown ceased to amaze me with it’s emotional story line with a very unpredictable twisting and turning path that I was simply not expecting from the start so hold on for the first couple bumps and you’ll enjoy the ride. Each episode contain it’s own little gem of a scene and it’s amazing that it’s art and fluidity go almost un-noticed.

(Tiny bit of spoiler but it’s an early episode Photo Credits: AnyaReii)

Shu goes through many different transformations throughout the story, first starting off as someone who was just completely affected by an event, really scared of everything that is happening to him and just has no idea what is going on. Nearing the middle of the anime, Shu becomes almost ultra sadistic and completely consumed by his power. By the end of it he just held on to the thing that brought him into this new world that he found himself into and that completely alienated him from his previous world in the beginning. This thing he held onto all the way until the end was the singer that was ultra popular at the beginning of the anime but was ultimately brought down from this pedestal soon after she became popular. The instant that she came down from this pedestal he put her on was the day the two met each other.

Shu and Inori became a very iconic couple throughout the anime community and will always be a very prominent pairing throughout time. More than most mainstream anime couples, the two actually had developed a slow but deep love for each other.Neither of them instantaneously fell for the other. Atop of that squashing the anime cliche of the girl falling for the guy with mostly with an unrequited love, Shu falls for Inori and he was the one who ended up with an almost unrequited love for a large part of the anime. This anime did many things right with completely eviscerating how large projects should be taken and changed how good anime does stories. It will forever be a classic for the anime community for the love story and if not for it’s beautiful action sequences that almost match if not surpass the amazing animation of Fate:Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works.(Unlimited Money Works)

This anime can be found on KissAnime here.

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Amagi Brilliant Park


Amagi Brilliant Park, was a lot better than I had expected it to be. On first glance it seemed like a very stereotypical anime with a male protagonist in high school who is tasked with saving someones world. Very similar, but the difference between my preconceived notion and the actual anime was that at it’s base it is that very stereotypical anime, but it’s animation, plot, and through character development really make the anime what it is, a very well executed light novel based anime.

The animation style of this anime was very colorful and fluid, while most sort of keep the same theme between the characters. Giving off a bright theme, Amagi has colors that really give off that happy feeling, being very bright and vibrant. Even during the sadder parts of the anime, mostly with the flashbacks of the characters, it still keeps you very content with the content. The movement of the characters seemed very natural and general speech between the characters isn’t very abnormal which gets easily eases you into the anime and really allows the viewers to get immersed into the world, or to really focus on the plot of the anime.

The plot of the Amagi really keeps generally the same, the park is having troubles with this, how do we fix it? Main character sees something and gets inspired for the solution, people get mad about the solution but after a while the main character and the mad make a compromise and the episode is over. Amagi finds a way to do this exact formula and still make it pretty entertaining.  you just want an anime to make you generally happier while watching, Amagi is that anime.

Amagi takes at least an episode per character to really go in depth with them, from doing flashbacks or giving a close up to their relationships with other characters to emphasize the importance of that relation to the persona of the character. Most of who we are is our relations to other people, whether that be our friends or our most hated enemies. Amagi does a brilliant job of upholding this fact.

You can find this anime here. (Crunchyroll)

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White Album 2


White Album 2 seriously surprised me with the amount of complex story telling and sadness that came out of a pretty cliche genre, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of life, Music type anime. Although music is a large part of it’s surface theme, it isn’t the main focus, the characters that are built by using the music as it’s medium were the real stars of this series.

It’s characters and scenery out shine almost every other anime in this genre. The character development is almost natural feeling, we are not simply thrown straight into the world and every character already knowing each other, we learn about each character as the other characters in the narrative do. It is something unlike many other animes that I’ve seen, normally we’re at some omniscient view where we see every event happen at the time that they happen. We’re still in a semi-omniscient view but we are focused on singular characters as the time passes so we have no idea what the other characters were doing until flashbacks come and reveal important plot points to not only to us the audience but also the characters themselves, making the characters give off a extremely realistic feel.

The characters feel realistic in the sense that unlike most anime have extremely complex emotions that are not exactly understandable at first glance. The plot drives every little bit and byte of the emotional system making it a very hard series to turn away from. The scenery isn’t only pretty but they also set the mood of each scene extremely well, either giving off the sad and depressing feel, using dark colors and bright lights or other highlights that give off the fact that there is still light to be had in each situation.

At many points the plot takes complete 180 turns, and with the emotions that come along while watching the anime, make it a complete and utter emotional roller coaster, with very happy highs and extremely depressing lows, it covers almost all the bases.

Overall I really enjoyed this anime and was one that I couldn’t put down after the first couple of episodes making it a complete binge watch that I plan on revisiting in the future, along with Your Lie in April. (Which you can find my review of that here) The people of Crunchyroll seem to agree giving it a 4.4 of 5. It came from a completely out of the blue studio and I hope that other people also enjoy this series.

You can find this anime here (Crunchyroll).

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Patch Rundown 5.18 (Video)

This is the official patch rundown from Riot games the developers of League of Legends. This gives you a perspective from their point of view and reasons behind each of the important changes.

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The Worlds Patch: 5.18

So the worlds patch brought in some major bug fixes and updates to champions that fell just short of the meta, bring back up some of the most annoying champions and nerfing some of the soloq carries into oblivion.

Link to the patch notes:

Skarner was just hit with a nerf to his passive last patch with his passive getting a large de-buff to the mana regen, attack speed and movement speed. This was a hard hit to his ridiculous early game shenanigans. He now has to worry about mana and he doesn’t clear as fast. In this patch they nerfed his ganking potential with decreasing the slow on his e so he can’t just catch up to you if he lands it. This overall will halt his soloq dominance since he needs more management of his abilities, with less mana regen/overall less mana, slower clear since he can’t just simply spam and has lower attack speed, and his ganks won’t be as potent.

Bruam’s playstyle was completely changed by his q costing a little bit more. Instead of braum players being spam q whenever it is up and being able to completely zone opponents. they now have to think about when to q and whether or not it’ll be used effectively since he doesn’t build much mana regen.

Gankplank was hit with major nerf to his barrels, lowering the armor penetration is a lot more potent than the little damage debuff. Now his enemies armor will be more effective when fighting him and his barrels shouldn’t be able to one shot fully built tanks when he builds full damage unless he’s incredibly fed. When a champion rework is instantly seen in pro-play you know that his base stats on his abilities are way too high, Gankplank was able to out preform over most of the competitive toplane champion pool that certain players have been playing since the beginning of their competitive careers.

Ezreal was made viable again in the bottom lane where he hasn’t seen competitive play in since a couple of seasons ago. The simple add of his e scaling on bonus ad makes his burst damage output higher than graves late game, at the sacrifice of his escape. The fact that he has to use his escape to deal damage forces allowed them to add this scaling since if used incorrectly can still severely punish players for bad play will enabling them to make better plays. It also keeps Ezreal viable to play with all the new champions and kits coming out, like Lucians insane burst playstyle.

Fiora’s base stats were lowered a bit. Reduction of her armor, base health, and the growth of her health help with the fact that her new kit makes he an extremely strong early game bully. True damage passive, a Q that is able to be used every 2-3 damage if you land it that procs said true damage passive, a W that completely negates a skill thats used by the enemy opponent, a E that is an attack steroid that slows and crits 100% of the time, and an ulti that provides an extremely large area of effect heal that is able to heal her back from 10 hp to almost over half health. Her new update makes her a completely overloaded champion. In the hands of even just a decent player she can outplay entire teams after maybe one or two kills. I don’t thin she was nerfed enough and she’ll probably see some play in worlds, if not in the top lane, she’ll be seen in mid or jungle because her q and passive are so versatile.

Morgana’s Q costs a little less mana, causing her popularity come back as a support. Her popularity had gone down because meta of the game shifted from assassins to sustained damage so the pick type of support was exchanged out for support that took a lot of damage. The change to her mana cost might allow the meta to shift back to the pick type of play for worlds, since it’s a place to break out different things and completely throw people off guard off of what they’re used to playing in their respective regions.

Overall I’m excited that this is the patch that worlds is going to be played on. There are no extreme changes to the current game/meta other than to the soloq dominate champions so competitive play shouldn’t be effected. The change where only one team can be sponsored by a company makes it so the good Korean teams aren’t all just Samsung (insert color here) vs Samsung (insert color here) for the world championship. Also only one team from each region is in each group stage which helps with group stages being ectremely difficult for some teams to continue while other teams have the easiest walk in the park. Still rooting for TSM.

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Your lie in April

With a 4.9 out of 5 on Crunchyroll with almost 500 votes this anime is a must watch for anyone who is even slightly interested in music whatsoever.

The story telling and art style is unmatched in the musical anime world. The story of this musician will keep you either at the edge of your seat or curled up into a ball crying. The story is also matched with beautifully done animation with vivid colors and ultra realistic movement for musician’s hands when playing the instruments. Not to mention that all of the music for the anime was played and covered for the soul purpose of this anime so the emotion of the story line was reflected in the playing of the instruments. Extremely crucial since an enormous part of the anime is simply the characters playing music.

The story follows Kousei Arima, who as a boy was trained by his late mother to become a piano prodigy, practicing days upon days on end to improve his playing to the point where in competitions he was dubbed “The human metronome” being able to perfectly play a piece of music to the composers pre set tempo. He stops playing the piano after a scaring moment in his childhood where he completely froze on stage and sat crying before a performance because he stopped being able to hear the notes that he was playing.

This becomes an issue later in the story when he meets the love of his life, Kaori Miyazono who played violin. He went with his friends to see her perform since she went to his school and it completely captivated him. She played in a manner in which she would play with just raw emotion, not caring about the tempo that the composer set whatsoever but her performances being simply phenomenal. She captivated the audience who were bored of hearing the same piece being played over and over again exactly the same way.

Kaori became a major part in why Kousei was able to play piano again. She needed an accompanist to her performance but Kousei refused to play but is persuaded on the day of the performance to play since Kaori begged him and hinting at the fact that she liked him. Kousei didn’t pick up the hint but he went with her anyways not knowing the set piece or anything and they’re performance shook the audience.

This is the first time we see how A-1 Pictures brings the characters of this popular manga to life with beautiful animation. From just the simple hand moments of the musicians hands, to the sweat glistening off their faces in the hot stage lights. How they cut from the musicians to audience reactions and the simple awe in their faces. This story will make sure to keep you captivated from opening theme till the video stops.

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Angel Beats!

So, I just finished “Angel Beats!” and I have to say that it has became one of my favorite anime of all time. I was recommend this a while back from one of my friends but I never had time to watch it because I was watching some really bad anime… I had no idea that anime could be something as beautiful as this was.

Starting off just dropping you into it’s world similar to how “Ender’s Game” did. Slowly getting into it and finding out that Yuzuru Otonashi is now in the place that people find themselves in after they’re lives ended unfairly in their childhood. Where people go to accept the fact that they had died in the manner that they did.

Right off the bat, Yuzuru was a very easy character to feel for since he had no idea what was going on and either did the viewers. Slowly as he learns how the world he is in works, as does the viewer. There was never an imbalance between what he knew and what the audience did about the world. Personally I found that amazing how they used to concept of not being about to die within the world and how being released from the world by accepting the fact that they are dead.

Being released from the world started off as being the worst thing that could happen to the characters but it developed as it was Yuzuru’s main goal in the last half of the anime. After being released they were reborn to a new life where they could live life again but without everyone they met within the world. After numerous adventures with the characters you start to feel for them as they’re being released.

Mainly the most emotional part was near the end where Yuzuru’s backstory where he had a sister that was stuck in the hospital and his entire purpose in life was to hear her say thank you when he brought her gifts or spent time with her with no apparent parental characters. Spoilers, she dies and he is left without a purpose but after seeing a girl about his sisters age get out of the hospital, he decides he’ll go back to school when he was previously a dropout and go to medical school to become a doctor and help others. On his was to an exam his train crashes and after several days within a tunnel he dies. But before he dies he fills out his id for being a organ donor. One of his organs were donated to a girl who was then because of the donation, was able to live out her childhood but later dies also.

They met in the world but Yuzuru never realized that the girl was alive because of him until the very end and when she tells him that her only last wish was to say thank you to the person that gave her her childhood. Way before he knew any of this he slowly fell in love with her while everyone was treating her as a mortal enemy. After everyone else is released is when he finds out and he confesses his love at the same time she tells him thank you and she is released back into the real world. Which brought most of the audience to tears, including myself.

The story-telling was at a fast enough pace to keep your attention but slow enough to know the details of how the world worked. Emotionally the anime rates a 10/10 since it keeps you so invested in the characters just to kill them off out of the world where it is set bringing me and many others to tears.

Another element of the anime is the music. The characters form a band simply to occupy time of the general public so that the other characters within the show to do something but the song is always somewhat pertaining to what the others are doing but are so heartfelt that they seem like the members are singing about something in general. The opening theme of the anime is even enough to bring people to tears after watching the anime.

Overall I’m glad I watched it and I hope you enjoy my onion and overview on it because it has easily become my favorite anime of all time and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to get into anime and anyone who is looking for a new series to watch.

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Reasons I play Counterstrike (Video)

Some of these reasons are also able to be applied to League also.

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